INNER-TITE Square Thermal Cut-off

Square Themal Cut-off

Inner-Tite Thermal Cut-offs are designed to disconnect power to heating systems when room temperature exceeds 165˚F (or 200˚F when optional 200˚F fuse is ordered). Cutting power to the heating system is a prudent way to aid in the protection of the heating system from further damage due to elevated room temperatures often caused by fires. Required by law in some states, Inner-Tite Thermal Cut-offs are economical, easy to install, and an effective back-up to existing built-in heating system controls.

Thermal Cut-off Diagram

Part: 95010A

• Easy to install

• Available with 165 degree Fahrenheit
   fuse or 200 degree Fahrenheit fuse

• Fits 4" Square Junction Boxes

• For residential and commercial use

• Can be wired into audible alarms

• Listed by Underwriters Laboratories

• Replacement fuses available

Made in USA